The modern ways of preserving livestock feeds are more straightforward and affordable. You no longer have to invest a fortune to store enough fodder for your livestock. All you need is decide what you want, i.e., silage or hay and then buy the necessary baling products. For example, when it comes to haymaking, you need not have a storage location, you need not incur the transportation cost, and the whole process is mechanised which lowers the labour cost. Therefore, as a livestock farmer, you have no reason not to have enough feeds for future use.

When it comes to livestock feeds preservation, haymaking is very popular and probably the easiest way to preserve animal feeds. With enough hay bales, you are ready to face whatever comes your way such as drought, and the like. However, what do you need when it comes to making hay?

Well, there are some obvious things you need like for example a baler, which you can always hire from other farmers if you do not have one on your farm. You also need to buy a net wrap. Net wrap is used to wrap the hay bales and is what keeps your hay bales safe on the farm. With quality net wrapping products, baled feeds are safe from extreme weather conditions like rain and the harsh sun rays because the net wrap is UV stable and have quality water shedding features.

Besides getting a baler and net wrap, you also need to have baling twine. Well, the balers twine is very important in the whole process of preserving hay, but we rarely talk about it. It is used to bind the baled hay together which makes it easy to wrap the hay bales. Without the twine, there will be lots of waste as holding the feeds together will be impossible.

However, buying balers twine for haymaking is not as easy as buying other baling products. You have to be very careful, and there is one major thing you have to consider. As mentioned above, the twine is used to bind the baled hay together. Therefore, since it is unhealthy to feed the cord to your livestock, you have to ensure that it is easy to differentiate it from the hay. The point is checking the colour of the string before buying. Avoid buying brown as it looks almost the same as the hay. You can consider purchasing the blue or pink colour as it is easily distinguishable.