Sometimes you have no option but to take care and maintain that big palm tree you and your family took care of for many years. It has served as an attraction to your backyard or front lawn. It has been the site of your kids’ clubhouse. The palm tree has always provided shade during those hot summer months. But the time has come to have the palm tree cut. Whether that palm tree has posed a danger in your neighbourhood or is deteriorating and dying, removing it from your property becomes a necessity. Then how do you go about Palm Tree Removal Perth? Here is a guide on how to remove a palm tree safely and successfully.

The first thing you need is to have all that you need for the project ready. For example, you need a chainsaw, reciprocating saw, and tow strap, safety gear like the hard hats, goggles, and gloves. Also, you need to have the area cleared. Like for example, have the kids avoid going to the area. Also, if there are essential valuables like cars and anything that you need to move for safety, move everything and have the space clear before you can start the removal process. Ensuring the area is clear will avoid accidents that could have been prevented. Once the area is secure, secure the palm tree to be removed and check any defects in the tree before cutting it down.

Now when everything is ready, start by cutting the branches. If it’s a huge branch that may damage your property, you need to have it tied and let someone pull it as you do the cutting. Also, even if the branches are small and can not cause any damage, you should ensure that you cut the branches carefully to avoid injuring yourself. Once you have all the branches trimmed, then you can focus on the main tree. When it comes to cutting the palm tree, you should consider living leaving a few feet above the ground so that you can leave a stump. Depending on where the stump is located, you can then decide to use the stump for the aesthetic value or remove it if it’s causing problems.

Now, as you can see above, Palm Tree Removal Perth is not for the soft-hearted. In fact, it is a risky job as it involves handling of sharp and specified tools that can injure you. Also, the process of climbing to cut the branches before cutting the entire tree is too risky. To add on this, you might not have the right tools that are required for the removal. For this reason, you should avoid palm tree removal as a DIY project unless you’re trained for this. The best thing is to hire a palm tree removal company. They have the tools, the skills and are licensed and insured to offer such services. You can find the best tree removal experts by clicking here.