Are you in need of an outdoor storage space? Do you want to have a place where you can safely park your vehicle? If you require any of these, you might like to take into consideration getting a carport for your car or get a simple shed that will work as an outdoor storage space. With the various types of carports SA available, there will be no need to build a traditional garage and spend thousands of dollars on the project.

Building your carport or an outdoor shelter in your property is not as complicated as you think. It also doesn’t take a lot of investment, and it isn’t time-consuming. Buying a carport can help you save a lot of money over building a traditional concrete garage, and it also takes far less time to set it up. However, when buying a carport, it is vital first to identify the type of carport design that will fit your needs and the decor of your house. There are different kinds of carports to choose from such as carport tents, prefabricated metal carports, aluminium carports, and much more.

The carport tents are very portable, and they are freestanding canvas canopies which are very easy to assemble. It is a very simple overhead canopy which installs in a few minutes. The prefab metal carports are made up of galvanised steel, and they are also semi-permanent car shelters. However, it also requires minimal assembly since the actual metal frames are already constructed, and you will only need to put the roof on top of the frame. This kind of metal carport is very sturdy and can last for many years. There are also aluminium carports SA that use aluminium rods as its frame. It makes it very lightweight but still very durable and easy to relocate if you need to.

After choosing the type of carport that you want, you also have to consider some other factors like thickness and size. If you select a metal carport, you have to consider its thickness since the thicker the metal, the sturdier it will be. However, thicker metal carports will also be more expensive. You also have to consider the size of the carport since it must be able to house your vehicle or other equipment and tools. The number of legs determines the sizes of carports. For example, smaller carports have six legs, the medium-sized carports have eight legs, while the large ones have ten.