Solar panels are becoming an increasingly common sight on the roofs of houses across Adelaide. But why are they suddenly proving to be so popular? Here are five of the primary reasons why you are likely to see a lot more solar PV panels appearing soon.

  1. Help the environment

Installing solar roof panels is an excellent way for you to do your bit for the environment. If you are concerned about the amount of electricity and hot water that you use, solar panels Adelaide provide you with a way to harness the free, clean and abundant energy of the sun so that you do not need to be responsible for the release of CO2 and you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Enjoy free electricity and hot water

The electricity generated from solar panels is free. That means there is no more need to worry about the regular price hikes that the energy companies are so fond of, and you will not have to dread the next energy bill coming up. Once you have paid for the installation costs, the rest is all just free energy.

  1. Feed in tariffs

An extra bonus of installing solar panels on your roof is that you get to take advantage of the government’s feed-in tariff. This gives you the chance to make money from all of the green power that you create, even if you use that power yourself. This makes installing panels even more financially beneficial.

  1. Low maintenance

Many modern solar panels contain no moving parts meaning that they require very little maintenance. This means that they are a very convenient way to generate energy, and many have an expected lifetime of 40 years or longer.

  1. Affordable to install

Some people like the idea of installing solar panels and are aware of all of the benefits, but they decide not to have them because they are concerned about the initial costs. However, these days new panels are more affordable than ever. Increased competition in the sector meant there are now better deals to be found, and you may be surprised by the low costs involved.

When you consider the potential savings solar energy will give at the same time, they start to look even more attractive.


If the benefits mentioned above sounds good to you, then you too may want to take advantage of installing solar panels Adelaide on your roof. So cut down on your electricity costs, earn money from generating power and know that you are doing your bit for the environment by installing solar panels on your home today.