Admit it; you use a lot of plastic bottles every day to the point that you no longer are aware of how much you are putting on the trash. You think you are doing nothing wrong, but it’s the exact opposite. The reason why the world suffers from a significant rise in environmental degradation is that most people continue to deny or undermine their role in pollution, particularly in their contribution to adding waste to the world’s oceans and lands.

The good news is it is not too late for you to start realising what you can do instead of what you cannot do. You see, even the smallest efforts could save the world for the future generation. For instance, you can start by reducing your plastic waste. To do that, think about recycling those plastic bottles you use daily.

While you probably think that bottle recycling implies added responsibility, you have to realise that it does not take a herculean effort to do it. You read many things and watch a bunch of videos about how to re-use or repurpose those bottles into practical things, but you do not have to do that if you haven’t got the time. Instead, you can do bottle recycling with Thorntons Recycling by sending your waste to them so that they will take care of it for you. Well, that’s a much better option compared to your usual way of throwing them to the trash. Here are the top reasons to consider recycling plastic bottles:

1 – Sending your plastic bottles to recycling plants provides added material in creating new products.

If you pop your plastic bottles in the recycling bin, they will find their way to manufacturers that will turn them into useful products. A notable example is the extraction of fibres to make clothes. Therefore, if you contribute to bottle recycling with Thorntons Recycling, you are making a significant contribution to manufacturing products while helping save the environment at the same time.

2 – Bottle recycling conserves energy.

Aside from re-using the bottles, you also contribute to saving energy if you embrace the concept of recycling. Put in mind that it will take about two thirds less power to manufacture products using recycled plastic compared to making them from raw materials. The lesser need for energy in the manufacturing process contributes to less pollution and minimal production of greenhouse gases.

3 – Bottle recycling reduces landfill.

Another compelling reason to start embracing the concept of bottle recycling is that in doing so, you contribute to the reduction of landfills in the world. While you might not feel affected by it, but many parts of the world suffer from pollution due to the presence of dumps. If you have the time to visit or see a landfill, you will quickly notice that a massive chunk of it is plastic bottles.