If you are not happy with the way you smile, the person you can turn to is a cosmetic dentist. Such professional has the experience in transforming your less-than-a-perfect smile into a bright and attractive one. For different types of dental problems, a cosmetic dentist Adelaide might have several treatments up their sleeves. Below is a discussion of the common ones:

* Dental Filling

Fillings are the treatment for the dental cavities. If you lose part of teeth enamel, holes occur. These are very painful, especially if food particles get stuck inside. Bacterial formations inside the teeth will cause dental decays, and you might eventually lose your teeth or need an extraction. Thus, filling the cavities with the dental porcelain is essential. It will prevent further damages to the teeth. Only an experienced cosmetic dentist is capable of carrying out the treatment in the best possible manner.

* Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is bleaching the teeth with various chemicals to make those white and sparkling teeth. If you have been losing your confidence because of discoloured or stained teeth, this whitening treatment will give your sparkling white smile back.

* Bridges and Implant

Both bridges and implants are treatments for the missing gaps between teeth. If you have lost a couple of your teeth, which left behind ugly spaces in between, you should visit a cosmetic dentist for treatment with bridges or implants. However, there is a big difference in them – while implants are permanent treatments, bridges are temporary or removable prosthetics.

The implants are placed surgically into the jaws to make the teeth firm and sturdy. You will not be able to remove the implants. Whereas, the dental bridges are attached externally. Though both of these are custom-made to suit the look and feel of the natural teeth, you should consult with a cosmetic dentist to know which treatment will be the best for you.

* Periodontal and Gum treatments

Improving smile is not all about fixing the teeth but, the condition of the gums and the muscles around the teeth is also critical. An experienced cosmetic dentist can deal with all types of periodontal diseases. Often, the problem in the teeth starts from unhealthy gums. In addition to carrying out the treatment, such a professional will also suggest methods and ways to maintain healthy gums and a clean mouth.

* Veneers

Chipped and broken teeth are treated with veneers. These are mainly thin films of dental porcelain, which are attached to the natural teeth to hide the defects.

If you are experiencing any the above dental problems, then it is the right time that you get a cosmetic dentist Adelaide to have all your dental issues addressed professionally and with care. Before you hire any dentist or visit a dental clinic, ensure that they can accept your medical cover. It will make the service affordable. Also, ensure they offer weekend services to ensure that you can always visit them whenever you have a dental problem without the weekend restriction when probably you are free from work or business.