You have already distributed the invitations and fixed your wedding reception. You and your groom have already gone to your designer, and have done a taste test. You think you have handled all the important details of your wedding, but you are wrong.

Often, a bride gives much attention to her wedding gown, but less to her makeup. She thought hiring a professional makeup artist is enough. The responsibility of making her look stunning on her wedding day lies in him or her already. Doing this is wrong.

Remember, all eyes – and all cameras – will be on you, that is why you should be very conscious about how you will look. In case you have just realised this after reading this article, pick up your phone and ask your professional makeup artists for an appointment. It is time to place particular attention on some aspects regarding your would-be look on that day. You should not leave any stone unturned. You should discuss what makeup essentials you will need on your wedding day.

  1. Waterproof mascara

Surely, the day will be filled with emotions. Your parents will start shedding tears as you start walking down the aisle. Some people will follow crying as well. You cannot be sure you will not cry – brides do. Instead of telling yourself ‘I will not cry, my mascara will be a total mess…’ use waterproof mascara. It will give you a fresh look from start to end.

  1. Translucent powder

After applying everything on your face, dust your face with translucent powder because it will help a lot in keeping your makeup all day long. More importantly, it will prevent you from wearing a shiny face.

  1. Lip pencil

Yes, this time, ask your professional makeup artist to use lip pencil rather than the regular lipstick. Lip pencil will help maintain the colour of your lip from the start of the wedding ceremony to the end of the reception. To add lustre to your lips, wear it under a lip gloss.

  1. Concealer

Concealer works too, as its name suggests, conceal whatever flaws you have on your face. For the most brides, they get stressed even on the day of their wedding. In fact, they get sleepless nights that eye bugs and blemishes are already visible. These dark lines under your eyes have no right to be on your face right for your wedding celebration! Therefore, use concealer to hide them and look good on your wedding day.

  1. Lipstick

Lip colour will be used to bring the colour back to your lips after the wedding ceremony kiss.

Tell your professional makeup artists that the waterproof mascara, powder, lip pencil, concealer, and lipstick are your wedding-day makeup essentials. All should be present during your wedding day – or else, he or she will not get paid. You are not too harsh, but you only want to be sure about how you will look and feel on your wedding day. Have an amazing wedding!