One of the most pressing issues for people living with diabetes involves foot care. Diabetic sufferers must always take care of their feet. Proper foot care involves several factors. The first is monitoring glucose levels and observing diet restrictions. The second factor is practising meticulous foot care through regular cleaning, inspecting, protecting, and wearing the right shoes.


Upon initial diagnosis of diabetes, one is instructed by the general doctor to consult podiatrist eastern suburbs Adelaide to have thorough feet examination. The podiatrist will inspect the feet, looking for serious pressure points on the sides and bottoms if the feet – checking toenails for fungus, and looking for signs that indicate the use of unfit shoes. The podiatry doctor will instruct the patient how to do proper diabetic foot care on a daily basis. As a diabetes patient, you will know how to examine your feet and what to look for to keep your feet healthy.


If your general doctor recommends it, your podiatry doctor can prescribe special shoes for you. The podiatry doctor starts his examination by having a good look at each foot. He then makes moulds of your feet by placing them in a dry substance that looks like Styrofoam and creates an imprint of your feet. These moulds when set will produce the exact replicas of your feet. The expert will then use these replicas to make shoe inserts that follow the contour of your feet. He will take your foot measurements, and the podiatrist will order shoes based on the measures taken. Diabetic shoes are roomier than ordinary shoes to accommodate the insert and the foot. Wearing these inserts in your diabetic shoes will relieve the pressure points on the feet thus protecting them from any trauma.


Your podiatry doctor will talk to you about some precautions, for example, not walking barefoot, being careful when cutting toenails or manicuring, and wearing special protective socks on the feet. The expert will also explain to you the importance of relieving pressure, because some diabetes patients lose their ability to sense pain in their extremities, as a result of poor blood circulation or nerve damage. This high pain threshold will make an injury more severe and affect the deeper layers if the skin, leading to further trauma and gangrene.


As seen above, proper foot care is essential for diabetes patients, and there isn’t a better way of keeping your feet healthy than to visit the best podiatrist eastern suburbs Adelaide. With the best podiatry doctor, you can be sure to keep your feet healthy as you will get regular updates on how to keep your feet healthy and get the best remedies whenever you have severe foot pains. All you need is do proper research and find a reputable podiatry clinic.