Podiatry is an essential branch of medicine that deals with problems related to the foot and ankles. These issues are rampant nowadays. Many people have been diagnosed with conditions relating to the feet and the ankle. Mostly, these disorders are majorly suffered by sportsmen and overweight people. A podiatrist is the health practitioner that deals with these issues. Some of the widely consulted diagnoses involve sprains, fractures, ankle joint problems, or any other condition that may be related to the foot and the ankle.

Mostly, you will find podiatrists working solely, while others will work as a team of experts in various medical fields. Inertia Health Group – Podiatry is a team of specialised medical practitioners working for a common goal of providing a variety of solutions to medical problems. Some of the professionals in this group are multi-skilled, but podiatry is the main focus of the institution.

Even though podiatry has a limited share of restrictions to its practices, it is beneficial to the treatment of various problems related to the foot and ankle. However, it is a broad medical field that focuses on treating both minor and major podiatry problems.

When a sportsman has suffered a dislocation on their foot or ankle, they want to get fit in the least time possible. For this reason, they have to consult the services of podiatry specialist to assess the level of damage on their foot and recommend the right course of action.

Mostly, podiatrists are expected to deal with minor foot problems such as calluses and corns. These conditions are characterised by the presence of thick skin on the foot that turns hard after some time. In rare cases, some of these calluses are resistant and will recur after trials of treating them. With a skilled and professional podiatrist, they will be able to get rid of them and prevent excessive damage to the healthy tissues on your foot.

Another particular condition that will require the services of a podiatrist is athlete’s foot or fungal nail infection. This specific type of problem occurs when you primarily have a fungal strain in your foot. This issue is best addressed and attended to by the use of oral and topical medications. With these, they are the easiest ways that a patient can get rid of the condition or curb the spread to other unaffected areas of the foot.

Podiatry services are widely sorted nowadays with widespread foot problems affecting people. Despite the fact that some can be treated from a local medical unit, having a specialist treat your condition is better.