As a parent to a young child, you are most concerned about his or her development, including that of motor skills, speech and language, and others. When it comes to speech though, you suddenly become worried when you notice that your child’s progress is slower than most other children of the same age. However, you must acknowledge the fact that speech and language problems in kids are not uncommon. There is one in seven children in Australia with some communication disability, but it is not something you should consider as permanent. Being a responsible parent means that it is your job to intervene, and the best form of intervention is SA speech therapy.

You will notice by instinct that your child has a speech or language problem. The most noticeable signs are the lack of progress in speech, inability to properly communicate with other children, and the challenge of understanding your instructions. Also, if you notice the signs below, it means you should find time to see a speech therapist for your child:

  • You and other people see it as a challenge to understand what your child is saying.
  • Most people think your child is younger than his or her age because of the manner he or she speaks.
  • Your child comes home crying from being bullied because of the way he or she talks.
  • You notice your child stuttering.
  • Your child learns fewer words compared to other children of the same age.
  • He or she fails to interact with other children as much as you want them.
  • Your child struggles in both reading and writing.



You also must know that before agreeing to let your child undergo SA speech therapy, you first must figure out if there is another health condition or sickness that is affecting his or her speech or language development. Several possible causes include hearing loss, autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, and auditory processing disorder. There also are instances when the growth of your child is slightly slower than most children and opting to work with a speech therapist means you are helping your young one to keep up.

Remember that there is nothing wrong in your decision to see a speech therapist for your child. Know that even with a noticeable delay in the speech and language development of your child, it is not an indication that he or she won’t become a healthy adult like everyone else. There is no shame if you acknowledge that your child needs help, and that is what you’re supposed to do as a parent. But if you ignore the need for intervention and decide to wait it out, then it could backfire. Speech therapy is crucial because it prevents the possibility of a communication disorder that can hurt the future of your child.